Bristly Brushing Stick World's Most Effective Toothbrush for Dogs

Encourage pets to clean their teeth everyday. Designed to clean teeth on both sides and is angled to fit comfortably in your pet’s mouth.

★ PATENT INNOVATIVE DESIGN - The Dog Brushing Stick provides an innovative 360-degree bristle configuration and bite resistance to allow you to more easily care for your dog's teeth.
★ THE PERFECT SIZE FOR MOST DOGS - The Dog Brushing Stick will accommodate most dog breeds, depending on mouth size.
★ 360 DEGREES OF PROTECTION - Dogs often use chew toys on one side of their mouths. It is not a guarantee of getting all teeth surfaces clean. The toothpaste reservoir can inject toothpaste and come out through 6 small holes,With our 360 degree toothbrush, the owner has more control over which surfaces they're cleaning and the level of vigor.
★ BITE RESISTANT MATERIAL - The Dog Brushing Stick is made from a strong food grade silicone adding the flavour of the meat, the dog will love to chew it and that is chew resistant.

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