Car LED door welcome logo laser projector

This Car LED door welcome logo laser projector can be custom made for you. Just choose what design you want on the Design choices product photo. 

★ CAN MAKE: BMW, AUDI, BENZ, FORD, TOYOTA etc. BATMAN design, GHOST SHADOW DESIGN. Please refer to the selection drop down.
★ NOTE: Keep door panel clear and dry , stick it with all your power Projection design can warn others to avoid an accident.
★ Feature: It will be brighter at night or at dark place,effect is not obvious at daytime.Light to open doors. Projection design can give others a warning to avoid an accident.
★ Compatibility: It can be installed in both left and right doors.door light will make your car look artistic. Please Check the Instructions Photo for compatibility of Panel door.
★ Specifications: Wireless Universal Car Projection LED Projector Door Shadow Logo Light Welcome Lamps Courtesy Lights Kit Magnet Sensor White Skull 4.5 V.
This product is specially designed for auto modification fancier; we purpose to bring more driving fun to car owners.

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