Free Hand Washing Lazy Mop Bucket Magic Cleaner

 ★ Descriptions: HANDS FREE-Water and dirt are squeezed out automatically with a wringer on itself. Absolutely Hands-Free! Hook the pockets on the microfiber to the fork on the mopping board so the wringer can function well! Effectively cleans up dry dirt, dust, hair, and other messes. Super absorbent for liquid. Safe for hardwood floors. 

★ Feature:Mop bucket contains two separate spaces, washing space and dewatering space, washing space level 1 processing mop wet water filtering debris and hair, and dewatering space level 2 to treat wastewater and dust. Perfect and unique design. Contains 2packs Microfiber cloth+201 stainless-steel mop handle+High quality ABS mop bucket,Perfect design:No bending over to squeeze and clean your mop Simply stick the mop in the bucket and it does the work.

    ★ Specifications:Mop 201 stainless-steel mop handle will, not rust stains, unbreakable, long lasting—The mop has a total length of 1.25m and can be disassembled into a 3-part metal body that can be stored inside the mop bucket.Connection port is smooth and burr-free,It is not easy to cut the hand, and the installation is quick and easy.
      ★ Advantages and Uses: Mop bucket set contains 2 microfiber cloth,Suitable for clean dust, Absorbs Liquid, Debris and Hair! Great for dry or wet use.The microfiber pads are machine washable. Perfect for Usage on Hardwood, Laminate home, kitchen, bathroom, office, corner cleaning,but not applicable with concrete floors.

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