3 in 1 LED sonic vibration dental cleaner

About the Product:

  • 3 in 1 LED sonic vibration dental cleaner, have perfect set of teeth and smile with your heart. High-speed sonic vibration comes with 3 interchangeable different types of grinding heads help to effectively remove stains on the teeth and massage the gums.
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY: High speed sonic vibration dental tools,30000 times per minute, enable to remove the stain, polish the teeth and massage your gums easily and effectively.
  • FRESHENS BREATH: it will also massage the gums,with LED light, easy to operate. Improves gum health, cleanses braces, bridges, crown and implant
  • TEETH WHITENER: Professional sonic dental stain remover makes a decent performance on teeth cleaning and whitening. Plaque, Food leftovers, Stain can be reduced a lot with the tooth stain eraser, gives you a confident and brighter smile.

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