Solar Backpack Hiking Rucksack Multi-function Bag

This Solar Backpack Hiking Rucksack Multi-function Bag  is a must have when you love cycling, hiking or other sports You don't have to worry about charging gadgets.

★ FEATURE: Multi functional Backpack has 6.5w solar charger and  waterbag for you to choose from, which is more suitable for outdoor sports  users, with Solar Panels for Men Women. Solar Charging, Fast Charging, USB Output, USB charging,  Interior Slot Pocket,Cell Phone Pocket, water bag + solar panel
★ MATERIALS: Polyester, Nylon,  Anti-theft zipper design, Hidden headphone plug output, Strong buckle, Air Cushion Belt.
★ EFFICIENCY: Charging Efficiency up to 92%, Solar Energy Conversion, Out-door charge, Carry more convenient to use, Removable design, Automatic charging recognition, Little innovation Great. 
★ SAFETY: Over Voltage protection, Short circuit protection,Temperature Protection, Charging Diagram, Charging Anti theft, Physiological Curve Back
★ SIZE: 24cm*11cm*42.5cm


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